This category contains all specific Pixelmon Pokémon available to purchase for the Erelia MC server. This category is split into several categories for each generation, as well as subcategories set aside for the legendary Pokémon from each generation. Each purchase comes with a stack of Great Balls and several TMs, too. Please note that Pokémon bought from these packs will not be shiny.

All you need to do is navigate to the dropdown menu and choose the generation you want to view! However, if you're feeling lucky, we also have special packs containing random Pokémon and a few items to help you on your journey! If you're lucky, you might even get a legendary Pokémon! We also have Shiny Tokens for sale; these do not give you specific pokemon, but you can show the special item that you receive from these packs to an admin and they will make one of your Pokémon shiny for you.

Random Pokémon Pack

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Random Shiny Pokémon Pack

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Shiny Token

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